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Address: 1 Portland Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M1 3BE

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Agents Details: e are continuously taking steps to be greener. We believe in sustainable business and this means reducing the impact that we have as a business on the environment. We are taking some very positive steps towards becoming greener. We are very close to being a 100% paperless estate agent. The internet has created opportunities for the office environment to become more eco-friendly and to rely less on paper. Everywhere you go computers and printers seem to have generated more paper and more and more waste. We are breaking this cycle. We have implemented online application forms and are encouraging the submission of scanned documentation (submitted electronically) rather than photocopied documents. We are also implementing electronic contracts which is saving massive amounts of paper and waste. The nature of our business means that we must use cars to attend appointments. We are just researching the possibility of using electric cars with a view to using them instead of petrol cars. We believe that all companies need to reduce their carbon footprint and take responsibility for our own impact on the environment