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RECRUITMENT AGENTS - Contact us Now! to list your all your business and vacancies NOW!

We are getting a high demand of enquiries from people looking to rent and buy properties from all over the UK outside from where they normally live.

This high demand is being driven because of the current economic climate and we are seeing that people are starting to be more flexible about relocating for the right position.

Due to the high demand from our users enquiring about jobs within the locality we are now seeking employment Agents and Recruitment Agencies to advertise local Jobs to our users. We want to help them find new homes and Jobs in the Towns and Regions they are seeking employment.

If you are a Recruitment agency and would like to advertise your services on this site please get in touch as we would like to hear from you.

We are always getting enquiries from users about local jobs so need your help to support all these enquiries.

Your Business would be shown to all our users on this site WonderProperty.com and also our Social Networking site www.wonderpeople.com where users can share details about jobs with each other.

This offers the most comprehensive form of advertising and will generate a huge amount of leads. We would link directly to your site where you will receive all enquires generated by us direct to you without any limitations.

This is extremely effective for attracting a wide range of job seekers and employers and is highly recommended for agencies that want to demonstrate multi sector recruitment.

If you are a Recruitment agency and would like to help our users find suitable Jobs then please get in touch as we would like to hear from you and pass on your details.

The WonderGroup Team.

PLEASE NOTE! - We are only offering this to one Agent per region to ensure the uniqueness of this opportunity and thus ensuring that all enquiries received are not diluted amongst many Agents or Recruitment Companies. Therefore we can only offer this on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis.