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Address: 279 Castlemilk Road,, City of Glasgow, G44 4LE

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Website: www.avjhomes.com

Agents Details: On the Estate Agency side of the business, we sold over one hundred properties in 2015 and achieved a customer satisfaction level over 90%. On the Letting side, we now take care of over two hundred properties and our goal is to double that figure by the end of 2020. I inherited my passion for customer service from my parents who told me that Scotland is a great country where you can work hard and enjoy life. I couldnít ever see myself living anywhere else. What I love about Scotland is how friendly the people are. The Scots are famous for their welcoming hospitality. Thereís a real buzz about the place, you canít help but be energized by it.I have set myself an ambitious target and I know that, with the help of my great team of loyal clients and co-workers, this goal is achievable, it gives me a real focus to get up in the morning, to seize each day and deliver the best client experience possible. We cover the whole of Glasgow & Renfrewsire