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Address: Flat 1,, 6 Victoria Road,, Essex, CO3 3NT

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Agents Details: We help people to buy and sell property and move on with their lives. We act as your Personal Property Agent and work with you to find a unique solution to your property problem whether you are a landlord, an investor, a buyer or a seller. In the current economic climate there are many people who need to sell property but are finding it difficult to find buyers due to the strict lending criteria and current economic climate. This is exactly the same reason why so many people are struggling to get on the property ladder despite very low interest rates and good value property. Many people do not know that there are different ways to achieve the same objective, but there are, we have done it many times. The value of the property is not that important as we have solved problems on properties from 50,000 up to 3m and anywhere in between. As Personal Property Agents we work with you from the start right up to the moving out, moving in or moving on with your life day. With our experience, knowledge, resources and creativity we can help you achieve more than you would ever have thought possible, which is the usual response from our many ecstatic customers.