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Tyler Estates,
Anyone can sell a house. It might sound strange coming from an estate agency, but it's true. An agent can suggest the highest price and the lowest fee, market your home on the internet and then cross their fingers. At Tyler Estates, we don't believe that our job is to just sell your property. That is relatively simple. We see our role as delivering a premium price that would otherwise be unobtainable. We want our service to be so unique, it justifies a lifelong relationship with you. The T......

Address: 7 Grange Parade Grange Road Billericay Essex CM11 2RF
Telephone: 01277 626 181
Website: www.tylerestates.co.uk

Henton Kirkman Residential,
Both Nick Henton and Tim Kirkman are familiar faces and names in the town, and have been since the 1990’s when we both started in estate agency in Billericay. Now you will find us working together as business partners at our recently refurbished offices at The Horseshoes, 137a High Street Billericay with office support from Chris, Sarah, Camilla, Kerry and Irene…all having worked in Estate Agency for many years. Those of you whom Nick & Tim have helped before, will know our personal and frien......

Address: The Horseshoes, 137a High Street, Billericay Essex CM12 9AB
Telephone: 01277 500 800
Website: www.hentonkirkman.co.uk