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Address: Shores Corner,, 10 Waterford Road,, Essex, SS3 9HH

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Agents Details: We have tried hard to speak to you all individually, but our phone lines have been blocked with calls from tenants worried about paying their rent . People are losing their jobs, self-isolating, or out of work due to the coronavirus pandemic. At this horrendous time, we all need to pull together. We have a bigger workload at the moment, we are finding it hard to get contractors out and minor issues we shall put on hold for now. The government released a statement and we want to make it clear on what this means. If you are affected by the corona virus and struggle to pay your rent, please email us [email protected] - You have lost your job/ hours cut please claim for universal credits ASAP. We would need proof from your employer. - You are self isolating we will need see proof that you are now in receipt of SSP. Please be aware, though the government has stated no evictions for 3 months, this does not mean 3 months free rent, if you are struggling to pay because of the reasons stated above, a payment plan will need to be put in place. Even though the government have stated a 3 month holiday for mortgages, our understanding at the moment is the landlord can only receive this if their tenant is affected by the coronavirus and has proof of this, they still then need to pay this back after the 3 months. If you are already in receipt of benefits, this will not affect you so we expect the rent to be paid. If you are struggling to get through to us due to the phone lines being blocked or for any reason the office needs to be closed we will be on our emails, and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. [email protected] Mobile contact number for you to text to is 07368 336051 please txt your name and property address along with the issue you may have and we shall try and get back in touch with you. We are now all working remotely