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Address: 83c Gulson Road,, West Midlands, CV1 2HS

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Website: www.whitetigerestates.co.uk

Agents Details: At White Tiger Estates we aim to be an outstanding team focused organisation. The team at White Tiger have worked hard to build trust, professionalism and understanding that extends across internal and external relationships. White Tiger Estates retains full control of the customer journey, to make the moving process as simple as possible offering a number of services to facilitate this. Our inventory companies work six days a week so tenants can move when they wish, and we provide comparison reports for utilities to ensure clients get the best possible rates, as well as arranging the transfers. This attention to detail extends to landlords. The fully managed service covers legal updates, contractors, repairs, block management and service charges. The fee structure is flexible to meet individual needs, and the team negotiates with contractors to ensure the rates are competitive. We welcome feedback from our tenants and landlords alike, this information is then used to ensure necessary changes are made to our processes and services to maintain the high standards. White Tiger Estates employ modern techniques to run their organisation being focused on Student Lettings in Coventry and Warwickshire processes have been simplified as possible offering support for ease of transition for both national and international students. White Tiger Estates brand is fresh and relevant and the impressive marketing campaigns reap tangible rewards. Investment in technology is impressive the website is modern and informative, and the social media activities are exemplary. Processes have been simplified and accelerated through considered implementation of back office IT systems and software programmes, as we have automated much of the CRM, repairs reporting and deposit collection and return. Landlords and tenants have full transparency of every aspect of their accounts.