BLACKHOUSE, is a fulsome nod to the classic, yet glorious steak, along side of which runs a healthy obsession with the freshest of produce from our seas. We make no apology for offering a combination of popular requests and old favourites. The key to BLACKHOUSE is in the quality of the ingredients; all of our beasty-based foods are sourced only from farmers whose wellies are splattered in honest, hormone-free muck, and are in possession of a healthy, ruddy-glow, a clear indicator of time spent chasing live stock around the pasture. Similarly, our sea-produce, while not exactly required to be still jumping up and down on the plate or intoning 'ahoy there matey' as proof of provenance is as fresh as the proverbial daisy. The quality of the meal is in the base produce - the chefs will lightly threaten the produce with a little heat and then arrange it - simply. Open from early to late, BLACKHOUSE is synonymous with excellent, friendly service and a drink selection that includes wine, beers and a cocktail list capable of tickling anybody's fancy. Explore at your leisure in any of our restaurants as they all have their own bustling bars.

Listing Information
Address: 5 Ridgefield, City Centre, M2 6EG